ELite 6 day survival kit


ABOUT OUR KITS: Our Elite Survive and Thrive Kits are six day emergency go bags. Go beyond just barely surviving. They are compliant with F.E.M.A. and Red Cross standards. They include the N-95 mask that the CDC says protects against COVID-19. They are light weight and come prepackaged and double bagged in inconspicuous hikers back packs. Our Elite Survive and Thrive kit includes:

Survival Guide E-book; six day water supply with purification tablets and hydration kits;  meal packages with individual ration heaters; Emergency Shelter; personal protective gear; Top of the line communication;  lighting equipment; multiple fire starting options; hygiene care; entertainment and more! No need to look any further to piece together your families go bags. Just see for your self.


About Product


The Elite 6 day Survive and Thrive Emergency Kit

*12- 4 oz water pouches 

*10 purification tablets ( purifies up to one liter of water)

hydration kit (collapsible water container)

*2400 calorie  food ration bar ( 6 scored rations)

*2 full M.R.E.'s- Meals Ready to eat general contents may include: 1 Main course 2 Side dish 3 Dessert or snack (often commercial candy, fortified pastry, or Soldier Fuel Bar .) 4 Crackers or bread 5 Spread of cheese, peanut butter, or jelly 6 Powdered beverage mix: fruit flavored drink, cocoa, instant coffee or tea, sport drink, or dairy shake. 7 Utensils (usually just a plastic spoon) 8 Flameless ration heater and an accessory package with seasoning , gum, toilet tissue, matches..  

#Emergency N.O.A.A . weather and AM/FM radio with long term self rechargeable  batteries, crank powered and solar powered with USB port and charger  to charge a cell phone, along with LED light

4- in-1 function whistle includes: thermometer, compass, magnifier, hook for lancet)

*LED flash light with batteries

*LED headlamp light with batteries  (with S.O.S capabilities)

survive and thrive guide (e-book)

note pad and pencil

#two person tube tent with rope included

#4 x 6   tarp

*emergency mylar blanket

*rain poncho

Blue flame lighter

#Waterproof matches (additional set of regular matches for 3 or 4 person kits)

#6 pack of emergency  5 hour candles (additional 8 pack of tealight candles for 3 and 4 person kit)

5 tampons ( for fire kindling)

Pocket knife

Survival sewing kit

Utility gloves 

Para cord / Rope

Heavy duty duct tape

Safety Goggles

#N-95 particulate respirator mask 

*2-N-95 filters

* surgical  dust mask

disposable gloves

hand sanitizer

40 piece First aid kit-in a tin container 

Triple antibiotic ointment

*plastic medication bags



# Bar of Soap

#disposable body cleansing wash clothes

* kleenex


playing cards

*water resistant draw string bag

#Light weight  waterproof hikers book bag with compartments  and whistle buckle (folds down into carrying pouch)





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